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Guest Post by Marlena Stoddard Has your love life gone a bit dry lately?

The kids always seem to get in the way, stress from work follows you home and kills your mood, and you’re constantly worried about doing chores around the house. By Elizabeth Monsoor With the harsh winter weather, it can be difficult to plan dates when all you really want to do is curl up in your bed until the sun returns and the temperatures warm up again.

Despite the claims of some, I never defended Trump or even addressed whether he’s a white supremacist. But there are things Trump has done that have provided evidence for that impression, such as his reaction to the Charlottesville riot, his embrace of birtherism, his being a defendant in a major rent discrimination lawsuit, his actions relating to the Central Park Five, etc.

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While this is one way to wait out the storms, it is not effective in...

By: Elizabeth Monsoor When planning fun things to do together on dates, it is easy to get into a rut.

If that makes me a dinosaur, proudly sign me up for T-rex duty.

The response of many to my stay-true-to-our-values argument is that this is a unique time and Trump is a unique president.

Ironically, Hill did the same before the tweets that got her in hot water.

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