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Tier 1-10 problem – because of the two issues above, the tier 1-10 problem arose with WN7.

Precambrian explained this very well in this post, which has some out of date info it, but still captures the problem very well, on a small, understandable scale. precambrian: What complicates the metric is the fact that it is easier to rack up amazing stats at lower tiers than it is at higher tiers, since at lower tiers, the average skill level of new players is extremely low, and the damage potential of low tier cannons, relative to the small hitpoint pools, allows experienced players to destroy their noob counterparts without any difficulty whatsoever.

WN8 should not be considered the be-all-end-all of skill evaluation.

This phenomena is perfectly illustrated by tier 1 autocannons, which can clip out opposing tier ones before the new players even can turn their turrets and react.

This sort of destructive potential allows players with relatively low skill to win an extraordinary portion of low tier matches and inflate their stats.

, Damage Dealt, Damage Received, Kills, XP, Detected, Capture Points, Defense Points, WN7): Media: Precambrian_wn7_If you were to average the individual WN7 values of these games, you would arrive at 2578.

However, if you average all the stats of the individual games together, and then calculate the WN7, you arrive at 3260 WN7! One has to do with the nonlinear nature of hitpoint scaling; a tier 8 does not have 8 times the hitpoints of a tier one, and thus much more damage can be farmed in tier 8 matches.

WN7 sought to address this by slapping on a low tier penalty; however this is easily avoided simply by alternating playing higher tiers and lower tiers.

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