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It’s a delicious experience that can make you feel alive and happy.

I think of it as one time in life when your deep, mysterious soul takes precedence over your practical mind, and that’s a good thing.

He also described how his family now refused to acknowledge him and his wife after they left the group.

Those who leave the faith are called "apostates" and are "disfellowshipped", a term for formal expulsion and shunning, where members are "prohibited from talking, and even from asying 'hello' to them", according to Ohmyjw.

You say your family would be upset if you didn’t celebrate the holidays, but you don’t indicate how Maybe the only way you will know what to do about this relationship is to get more in touch with your own feelings and ideas about religion and about raising children.

Then engage your partner in some real heart-to-heart dialogue.

But this state of being in love is not a good one for decision-making.

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