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There's lots of free activities, why not have fun with them.____________________________________________________________________________________________Lucy Park.

Another free place to go with the added bonus of being in the great outdoors and filling your lungs with some fresh air!

"That's going to be, to me, that's going to be the hook. Yeary's idea turned out successful her main focus is making sure her kids learn how important reading is for their future.

I consider myself a pretty complex, unconventional kind of girl and I got to thinking about some really great gems we have here in Wichita Falls that would make for a great, outside-the-box first date.___________________________________________________________________________________________I'm an extremely busy, biological clock ticking, 30-something, raising two dogs... Let's just put it all out there, slap on some sunscreen & go swimming in some urine-diluted waves for an afternoon of get-to-know-ya's.____________________________________________________________________________________________This is ALWAYS such a fun event!

You can take a walk (with or without doggies), play some Frisbee Golf, even work out using some pre-placed obstacles.

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