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Until the 1950s, when Japanese-made machines flooded the market, Singer held a virtual monopoly on sewing machines in the United States.This competition drove out most of the smaller manufacturers while also reducing Singer's market share to 25 percent from its accustomed 75 percent.

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The history of the "domestic" treadle sewing machine, as well as its foreign counterparts would not be complete without a discussion of the attempts to improve on this technology.

These efforts reached their height between 18 with some very interesting add-ons for the treadle sewing machine.

While it is unclear if he ever actually built a working prototype of his machine, which was designed for leather working, a machine built using Mr. Between 18, no fewer than five different attempts were made to build a working sewing machine, none of which were successful.

Then, in 1830, a French tailor named Barthelemy Thimonnier invented a machine that used a single thread and a hooked needle to make a chain stitch of the sort used in embroidery.

while this movie suffers from some bad acting (the crew-the wife) but the hero of the movie doing a pretty good job and that's all matter because its all about one man surviving scenario , other than that this movie is guaranteed to put you on the edge of your seat , the suspense tension moments , surprises , all are there to make one of the very few good thriller, Sci-Fi movies i saw this year ,though i couldn't help but to compare some scenes with Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator movie .

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