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Back in January Another Lost alum is making their way back to Hawaii!

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From her favorite drinks and snacks to her many trips with Alexander to their dirty talk and Tootsie Pops and Pop Rocks trysts, Arias left nothing out—except for a plausible explanation for why she killed a man she said she wanted to marry.

Along the way, we heard all the lies Arias told the police, media and anyone who would listen before, during, and after the murder. If there was one story that did not need embellishing, it was this one. Las Vegas, 2006 TRIALFACT: Arias and Alexander met in Sin City at the first Prepaid Legal Services convention she attended.

She removed his Mormon temple garments and returned the favor. “I thought there was going to be, but there wasn’t.

We sat down and started passionately kissing…I was apprehensive but I was going with it. The Day of the Murder FACT: In April 2008, Arias packed up her things and moved to Yreka, Calif., to live with her grandparents.

FICTION: Sitting by Alexander’s pool, the Hughes talk to Alexander about Arias’ obsessive behavior. But then Arias shows up at Alexander’s Arizona house around midnight on June 4, 2008 and tells him she is there to say goodbye because she is moving to Yreka.

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