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has been drawing audiences to its weird, macabre, hilarious take on the celebrated movie starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins for years at its Off-Off-Broadway theater.

It recently transferred to the Elektra Theatre located in Times Square (and within Times Scare, a year-round haunted house complex) and still includes , took over the role of Dr. We caught up with Harrison to ask what it was like performing in such a bizarre parody and what he has plans for next, and he told us about walking on a man at a fetish party near his current theater hangout. Well, my good friend Jenn Harris is in the cast and has been a part of the show since its original Fringe production many years ago. And I saw it when it opened at Theatre 80 a year ago, and thought it was hilarious. Then I'm gonna go to Europe for a bit, but mostly I'll be hanging out in Brooklyn.

I thought it would be really fun to do, it’s unlike anything I've done in the past, and I get to hang out with Jenn for the summer. Someone really only needs to put me in a dimly lit room and tell me it’s a haunted house and I will have a nervous breakdown.

What I've learned most while working on Queer as Folk has come really indirectly, less from playing Justin Taylor than from dealing with press, corporations, advertisers, the gay community, and fans of the show.

I've learned the necessity of constantly realigning your perspective and the importance of standing up for yourself and being constantly aware that people are going to skew and censor you...

Once those five years were up, I had to start from scratch here, which definitely makes me feel like I’ve earned where I’ve gotten to.

“We in the original cast see each other periodically.

’ So excited to be doing it with a great cast and the rehearsals are so mellow and fun.” Originally from New Hampshire and Georgia, Harrison started acting in community theater when he was six, was schooled in Ohio and, after a toe-dabble in Los Angeles, is now a firmly based New Yorker.

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