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When I was growing up, Saturday mornings meant one thing only to me: a trip to the Boston Museum of Science.I loved science — still do — and there was nowhere else I’d rather be.(Donald is a year older than me.) We have a mutual friend who, when Donald first started making music, I luckily was one of the first people he reached out to about collaborating. ' I’ll do it for Donald, but I’ll get to it.' It ended up being the same mentality when I was working on Drake’s first tape.

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For now, check out the tracklist for the EP below and read what Lloyd has to say about the creation of the cover art, the inspiration behind his new music, and how that cameo on Donald Glover's came about. I want to be able to have things that are alive, that are growing, around me when I’m creating my music.

And that was just a little place I would go and hide out and write songs with my guitar in North Georgia.

And also be able to recognize when someone is special. Just the fact that it was Donald and he was doing his own TV show.

That ain’t something you hear about everyday."I remember when I first saw the script, it was about making fun of yourself.

Fans will get to experience more of this in musical form when Lloyd releases his will be released Dec. All the inhibitions, the insecurities that usually exist in a person; to me it’s no exception.

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