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He did nothing to call attention to himself, yet attention followed him wherever he went. He and his twin brother Fred, who was currently living in Russia with their brother Bill, were two years older than she and Harry. Sometimes being around George was painful for both of them.He was everywhere recognized, if not for his features then for the infamous lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, a souvenir of a long-ago attack by the evil wizard Voldemort. George had been a relentless mischief-maker in school but had matured into a surprisingly responsible man who took care of the household since he worked at home, using the house's spacious backyard as his office..was a freelance test-pilot for broom wizards. In school, she and Harry had been two-thirds of an unstoppable triumvirate completed by George's younger brother Ron..Ron was dead.

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Title: The Paradigm Of Uncertainty (Chapter 01) Author Name: Lori Owl the author: here. Written between Goblet of Fire and Order of Phoenix.

Genre: Romance, Action Era: Multiple Eras Main Character(s): H, Hr Ship(s): None Summary: Nine years after graduating from Hogwarts, Charms fellow Hermione Granger again finds herself caught up in Harry Potter's mysterious life.

She let her bag fall to the hallway floor and hung her cloak on its peg, pulling off her robes as she walked into the living room to reveal ordinary jeans and a cable-knit sweater. Hermione stopped short and gasped, one hand going to her heart at the sight of two glittering points in the dimness. " "Just listening," Harry replied, one corner of his mouth curling into a half-smile.

She sighed in relief as she realized it was only Harry Potter, one of the five wizards and witches who shared this mammoth house with her. He was sitting slumped in a deep chair-and-a-half in the corner, his head hunched into his shoulders, nearly buried by his black robes and cloak.

Only his head was visible above the tumble of heavy fabric, a pale face topped with an unruly mop of black hair.

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