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Sound bites were recorded of Michelle’s most famous lines during the sitting, in order to make visitors’ experiences even more realistic.

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So, it's evident for their fandom to be curious about their current relationship status.

They haven't been spotted together in public for months, but there's no need for their fans to worry about the couple as the two haven't spoken about their possible breakup.

After having stitches in the neck of her womb again, Kym carried this baby until 33 weeks, and went on to give birth to a healthy baby girl in 2011.

They named her Polly and Kym revealed, "The day we brought Polly home was the one of the happiest days of my life." If you've suffered from a miscarriage, find out how to cope with losing your baby and when to start trying to conceive again.

“Due to her infamous storyline in the show there has been a huge demand from the public for a wax figure, so we’re sure they’ll love getting up close and personal now it’s in the attraction.” So, head to the beer garden, grab a pint and have a chat with Michelle.

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