Who is kate ritchie dating

The former Home and Away actress welcomed their baby on Sunday night, Aug.

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Richard is much gentler with Kate then he is with others.

At first glance, Richard was more attracted to Kate physically than mentally and emotionally, disregarding the fact that she was under-age, though after understanding Kate's emotions and sensing her inner grieving Richard almost takes an "I look at you and see a mirror" outlook towards her. They are currently partnered with Seth, robbing banks.

The guys tried to talk her into allowing a few listeners to come along for the baby’s birth, but Kate didn’t seem to excited about that idea!

Tim Backwell asked “IT IS WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT that Stuart and I announce we are expecting our first child.

Four years ago, Sofia Richie was just trying to figure out the dating scene — and turning to her older sister Nicole Richie for advice.

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