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Candles were lit beside a stack of fashion magazines and interior editorials, her choice of music brought an edgy, yet chilled-out, atmosphere."So sorry, I'm a little bit unorganized," she said with a big smile. In need of a drink of water she handed me one in a wine glass. It was the "only clean glass left." I could hug her. Are all creative Wolfpack mothers as normal as this?

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Pastor Joel Houston and his wife, Lima Houston are Justin Bieber’s spiritual guides.

Bieber was baptized by Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz in December 2014, and have played a role in his spiritual life.

"We're giving voice to what our God is doing in us.

And we are hoping to bring a NEW sound that will make way for the freedom, joy and hope, found only in Jesus Christ.

Their annual conference in Sydney has featured Bieber, who is also a friend of the couple.

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