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Any artist in the world would be thrilled to have had that song.’ The fact that James is reported to have paid cash for his £1.7m, six-bedroom house here after receiving his first Back To Bedlam pay cheque would seem to back that up.

Now, two albums later, the former Army reconnaissance officer, 39, is back with a new release, Moon Landing.

He and Carrie hit it off when they met in 2003 at a mutual friend’s party in London’s Notting Hill, shortly before he began work on Back To Bedlam.

‘She was sat down the other end of the table and she shouted down to me, “What do you do?

'Carrie put her cardboard cut-out from Star Wars outside my room to protect me when I moved in.

She wrote her date of birth and, bizarrely, her “date of death” on its forehead.

After selling close to 20 million albums and touring almost non-stop around the world to sell-out crowds since he arrived on the scene in 2004 with his debut album Back To Bedlam, he’s made his money, has homes in Ibiza, Verbier and London, and now it seems that the one-time lothario is blissfully in love too.

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