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Quartet in Autumn, shortlisted for the Booker, is a spare masterpiece of loneliness in retirement, as four unmarried colleagues go bravely or blindly towards death, and one of them spirals downwards, uncared for and hardly noticed.

Other books published after 1977 were retrieved from the pile of Pym’s rejected novels; The Sweet Dove Died (1978), written in the Sixties, is in some ways Pym’s most accomplished and heartfelt novel, an uncomfortable and honest account of a woman being dismantled by her cruel and helpless passion for a homosexual man.

Related: Ashley Judd Gets Candid With Diane Sawyer About Weinstein And now, Heather isn't the only one speaking out, as actress Jordana Grolnick has since spoken up about her own unsavory experience with President Bush. According to Miz Grolnick, Bush copped a feel when they posed for a picture during the powerhouse's visit to the production of Smh.

In an attempt to downplay the situation, a spokesperson from Bush Sr.'s team claimed these awkward moments were the result of the 93-year-old being confined to a wheelchair.

actress Heather Lind accused the politician of groping her during a photo opportunity.

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