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In 1989, nearly two thousand men between the ages of forty and seventy, chosen to reflect race and ethnicity as represented in their communities, were involved in an extensive survey of their sexual lives as part of a long-term study on all aspects of the aging process conducted under the aegis of the National Institute of Aging.

The study, known as the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, remains one of the most detailed and exhaustive analyses of male sexuality in mid- and later life since the Kinsey Report of many decades ago.

Besides, older people have health problems and no one with health problems can be truly sexual.

All these clichs, and many more, once perhaps contained a tiny seed of truth; clichs are what they are because so many people have experienced something like what they reflect.

But whatever tiny germs of truth these clichs may have once contained have now been obliterated by changing times, new knowledge, and advanced medical developments like Viagra.

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