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Do not let your child on This app was a genious idea. There is NO WAY to get the user to unfollow you unless you block them. LOTS OF SEX LOTS OF SWEARING LOTS OF DRINKING, DRUGS, AND SMOKING. There is a bit of swearing in the songs, but you can always choose a different song.The app does not review over musical.ly's sounds so there are MANY MANY MANY SEXUAL SONGS. The features are neat, and this is a great social media platform but there are many 5-8 graders who are singing about sexual things and dont realize. My 12 year old has been using about a week and showed me some cool sports related videos he made...something prompted me tonight to look a, little closer. My 11 year old son downloaded this app and within 2 days we made a decision to delete it.These instances can be reported to them via email at [email protected] and / or through the app itself so the company can take action.

Yes you can make a private profile but that only allows your child not to be seen by others without permission.

It still allows them to see anything they want on there.

Family decision was made to delete the app tonight amid lots of tears and even I was sad to see our cute videos go.

Wish there was a version of this app for kids with say, Radio Disney pop songs and sound bites only.

It is impossible to contact anyone at a high level at Just look up one hashtag, for example naughty and you can see for yourself. This is probably the number one app out there for kids ages 9 and up. I have had talks w them about Internet safety and "bad people" hide behind their screen names.

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