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All procedures are written with practical instructions and examples.

Forms and templates are referenced in the SOPs where applicable.

Following is a list of manuals and procedures linked with sample pages.

The procedures set out in this SOP apply to qualitative and quantitative analytical methods which are used to test finished goods, in-process material, excipients and raw materials in support of registration documentation and cleaning validations and management responsibilities towards completing those method validation tasks.

This SOP describes the types of cleaning process and cleaning agents of process equipments and their validation, complete instruction on cleaning validation procedure, calculation of acceptance limits for rinse and swab samples, calculation of acceptance limits for swabs, analytical method validation for cleaning, cleaning validation test protocols and change control for revalidation.

This procedure describes the validation practices for laboratory instrument/equipment to be validated or calibrated and the confirmatory documentation required showing that the instrument/equipment is capable and operating effectively for its intended purpose.

This procedure has practical instruction on Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) to be performed by the qualified equipment service technician in the presence of the laboratory staff with reference to the instrument/equipment manual.

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