Validating multiple groups W4m webcam fun

Country Workplan An action plan agreed by the national multi-stakeholder group. Delisting When a country is no longer recognised as implementing the EITI due to failure of adhering to the EITI Requirements or if the country’s political environment makes the EITI process impossible.

Validating multiple groups

Candidate country A country that has fully, and to the satisfaction of the EITI Board, completed the four sign-up steps set out in the EITI Standard.

EITI Candidature is a temporary statys that is intended to lead, in a timely fashion, to compliance with the EITI Requirements.

It can also refer further to reporting individual types of payments, so that each payment type (royalty, tax, etc.) can be identified.

Dividend A payment to a partner or shareholder out of the profit of a company as a return on the investment made.

Beneficial ownership Describes the ‘natural’ person(s) who, directly or indirectly, ultimately own(s) or control(s) a corporate entity, a license or other property.

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