Validating internet resources

Over time, we will look to broaden the ecosystem of supported systems and implementation approaches, based on customer feedback and ensuring we can meet all of our customers’ unique needs.

Our goal is to democratize the cloud model by enabling it for the broadest set of use-cases possible.

For more information on the types of POCs and the roles they can take in managing organization details, please see the Introduction to ARIN's Database page.

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If you are submitting your POC request via REST, you will need to include an API key to authorize processing.

To create an API key, log in to your ARIN Online account and select Your Account Settings in the navigation menu.

As we do this, we will leverage our deep experience in both cloud and enterprise datacenter environments to optimize the customer experience.

Predictability of system infrastructure enables Microsoft to more-rapidly deliver innovation from Azure to Azure Stack.

A pre-validated systems approach helps simplify the operational experience for customers and enables a solution that accelerates the delivery of business-critical services.

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