Validating forms in coldfusion

CA Number of CAs found: 544 (80%) CAAA - Canadian Association of Amateur Astronomers CAAB - Canadian Advertising Advisory Board CAAC - Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAD - Center for the Arts of the African Diaspora CAAE - California Alliance for Arts Education CAAF - Centro Autorizzato Assistenza Fiscale CAAG - Cloppenburg Automobil AGCAAH - Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health CAAI - Club Alpina Accademica Italiano CAAJ - Canadian Alumni Association in Japan CAAK - Code Administrators Association of Kentucky CAAL - Canadian Association for Applied Linguistics CAAM - Computational and Applied Mathematics CAAN - Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network CAAO - Consortium of African American Organizations CAAP - Citizens Against Airport Pollution CAAQ - Conseil des Appellations Agroalimentaires du Qu?

If no errors, the results entered in form1 should be displayed in form2. NOTE: using a redirect or cflocation does not pass any form variables to the next page.

If the user wants to score their quiz they must select one of the answer radio buttons.

It does makes a bit of item secure I sincerely hope you don't use that technique for "security" on web sites... I do not use it, It just showed here as an example and [email protected] mentioned: Even Ever i need to use such scenario, I will use encryption/decryption algorithms or some other approach which suits my needs.

When the field loses focus (on Blur), the input is validated for only the first of the conditions in the validate parameter (it changes when I swap the order).

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The above approach is not 100% Good, because your textname and address can contain special Characters, So it is just an example of doing the same in different way and make a bit of secure.

This is the html / JS code that is auto generated: That works for an integer in the range of 0-999, but not, say, 79-1213 (or 0-1000 as in the question).

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