User control not updating on postback updating smoothwall kernel

Based on the statements above, I recommend you utilize either of the following solutions (without inheritance):1.

As far as I understand it, both ASPx Grid View and the button are placed within asp: Update Panel. Data Bind method in the button Click event handler to rebind your grid with updated data. If ASPx Grid View is not placed within asp: Update Pane, or you do not wish to rebind the grid in the button Click event handler, subscribe to the asp: Update Panel's end Request function and call the ASPx Client Grid View. In this case, you will provide the grid with new data only when the button is clicked.

Now here the point that are we are going to discuss, even if we set off the View State of some controls like textbox, checkbox etc.. Let’s discuss it in bit detail, whenever a page is submitted or posted back to server, the entire form data is posted to the server as a collection with the request.

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Sometimes there will be a business need to pass data between the User Control and its containing ASP. For example, you might have an address control, and upon loading the page it sets the address control's street, city, and state properties.

However, while it's simple enough for an Aspx page to trigger a User Control's methods, it is not as simple for the User Control to conversely trigger its containing page's methods.

For instance: Hi Marion,thanks for your detailed answer. You are right: Using a custom server control for the grid view breaks the theme support, i.e.

the theme is not applied to my customized grid view.

Even I was confused earlier but I tried to discover it and I found the root cause, so sharing it to you all.

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