Updating wwii discharge papers i have been dating a girl for 3 months

Limpert’s records were destroyed in the 1973 Missouri fire that conveniently destroyed the military service records of millions of veterans.

Now, VA wants him to provide additional evidence including buddy letters from his dead comrades.

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"I was discharged 'General, Under Honorable Conditions,' although my work was exemplary and everything I did was honorable," Fimbres said, noting that she was merely "perceived" to be homosexual. Her attorneys tell her she has a good shot at winning, though the appeal could take over a year.

Veterans must prove they were discharged for their sexual orientation, must produce documentation from their service which may be decades old, and often need a lawyer to get through the process.

And it seems like VA always responds with as many idiotic excuses as possible to deny those veterans the first or second time around. If you are a disabled veteran who has not yet filed for a rating, it is never too early to get it sorted out.

For Lampert, he is down to his last pennies together when he first filed.

He would provide that information if he was injured anywhere other than the jungle of the Philippines, where there were no hospitals. “We were in the jungles.” VA always throws common sense out the window whenever adjudicating claims, and it is a shame we keep hearing stories like Limpert’s.

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