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Because it's so addicting, you may forget about proceeding on.

The Card game is definitely much better than those lame mini- games found in Final Fantasy VII.

[Except Chocobo Breeding and Racing which i really have a good time playing! Don't be fooled by this deceptively simple offering as a waste of time!

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Update ============ Version 1.0 -All the card game list from page 1 to 10. I have added in informations on card queen, card club and other sidequest like UFO chasing. If you want more informations about card rules, you can refer to other faqs like Scott Ong's Part II faq.

-Added in the conversion list of converting cards to items using Quezacotl's card mod. -Added new information on how to obtain Pu Pu card. Version 4.0 -Added in a frequently-asked-question section. -Added a Gilgamesh section dedicated to his attacks. I intend to update more information on the card queen and card club. Content ============ i)Triple Triad ii)Card Game List -Level 01 - Monster Card -Level 02 - Monster Card -Level 03 - Monster Card -Level 04 - Monster Card -Level 05 - Monster Card -Level 06 - Boss Card -Level 07 - Boss Card -Level 08 - G. F Card } Rare Card(s) -Level 10 - Player card } iii)Card Club Members iv)Card Queen v)Side Quest: UFO Chasing vi)Side Quest: Chicobo vii)Card Command viii)Gilgamesh ix)Report Cards x)Obel Lake Mystery xi)Rumour xii)Song Lyrics -Eyes On Me -Liberi Fatali xiii)Final Fantasy VIII OST List xiv)Exclusive Features xv)Frequently-Asked-Question xvi)Credit xvii)Copyright Protected ======================================================================= I)Triple Triad ======================================================================= One difference between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII is the disparity in mini-games.

-I have also added in the statistics value of each card. Version 2.0 -Added all complete list of the usage of the converted items. -Added new information on how to obtain Chicobo card. -Added more information about the location of the CC members in the Ragnarok in disc 4. Whereas Final Fantasy VII had mini-games aplenty, Final Fantasy VIII has only two.

After a tiring work, i have finally completed the list. -Added in more information about the CC members' rules in Ragnarok in disc 4. -Added and clarify any doubts about Card Queen location in disc 4. One is of course the Card game and another one is the Choco World mini-game, provided that you have Pocket Station.

I have replayed the whole US version and i'm glad to say that most of the translation came out very nicely.

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