Camfreegirl app - Updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter

If the view is a simple "select * from some_table" then any updates to the view are instead performed directly on the underlying table.

updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter-76

However, there appears to be something within the cursor adapters that Fox Pro uses that is giving me problems.

From what I can determine the cursor adapters are basically a wrapper for ADO objects but I am not positive about this. The first appears to be due to the cursor adapter determining that it is querying a view and attempting to get the underlying table instead.

This app started life in the Foxbase days, when Unix was supported, and was reluctantly ported to Windows at clients request, read insistence:(. At some stage, it shall be re-written to Lianja; imo the only REAL VFP alternative.

Lianja does not import a DBC's local and remote views.

We have a legacy Fox Pro (version 9) app that accesses a SQL Server database (2008 R2).

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