Updating old telephones Free type adult chat

If you have specific issues or want more detailed advice consult the TCI list on Yahoo Groups (you can ask a question or search the archive). there's a lot you can learn to do yourself, and there are collectors who specialize in doing repairs for a fee should you want some help (see links page).

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The most common antique phones are those that were produced in the greatest quantities, such as the Western Electric 202, 302, and 500 sets and the Automatic Electric AE40.

Several thousand people around the world collect antique phones (and related items like signs, switching equipment, accessories, and paper).

Even talking on the telephone during a storm is not absolutely safe.

On average one person is killed by lightning while talking on the phone each year.

We know not to be outside when electrical storms are flashing through the area, or — if we are caught by surprise — not to seek shelter under trees but instead to crouch and take the wetting until the danger has passed.

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