Updating electrcal service

We are a member of AWEBB the electrical bulk buying organisation whose members are all independently owned companies.

This group of independent companies have now taken things a stage further and under a common logo of ELECTRACENTRE we now have national coverage to service each others customers when you are working out of town and need "emergency bits and pieces" you can double book through a branch showing the ELECTRACENTRE sign and we will invoice you at the prices that we have agreed.

Lists of these member companies will be provide as required.

Whether you need a site engineer to repair a drive system on a tram, an in-house repair on an AC drive for an automated food factory, or an engine management unit off a landfill gas engine, we have the people and the equipment to sort the problem out.

Our dedicated ‘out of hours’ site service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide a seamless response.

Understanding technically your requirements as well as being to offer viable alternatives where price or availability is a problem. Also this is our business, we don't work for an organisation with a head office elsewhere, and we conduct our business in discussion with you our customer, not as dictated by head office.

Last modified 21-Sep-2019 21:40