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The client can use this value when returned to decode the blob content. When this header is specified, the storage service checks the hash that has arrived with the one that was sent.

For more information, see Using the Azure Storage Emulator for Development and Testing. For a page blob or an append blob, the value of this header must be set to zero, as Put Blob is used only to initialize the blob.

The following additional parameters may be specified on the request URI. To write content to an existing page blob, call Put Page.

When omitted in version 2012-02-12 and later, the Blob service generates an MD5 hash.

Results from Get Blob, Get Blob Properties, and List Blobs include the MD5 hash., it indicates that the user-agent should not display the response, but instead show a Save As dialog with a filename other than the blob name specified.

When creating a page blob, do not include content in the request body.

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