Updating autoshapes in excel using vba Sex with strange women on webcam

Sub Show Progress() Const x As Long = 150000 Dim i&, PB$ For i = 1 To x Do Events Update Progress i, x Next i Application.

updating autoshapes in excel using vba-79

I'm loving all the solutions posted here, but I solved this using Conditional Formatting as a percentage-based Data Bar. The cells that include 0% and 100% are normally hidden, because they're just there to give the "Scan Progress" named range (Left) context.

In the code I'm looping through a table doing some stuff.

The bar I want is just a little blue bar moves right and left and repeats till the update is done, no percentage needed.

I know I should use the In the past, with VBA projects, I've used a label control with the background colored and adjust the size based on the progress.

I'm doing a Excel app that needs a lot data updating from a database, so it takes time.

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