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Read More » An unnamed Thai woman has shared photos of a botched nose job online to warn others not to undergo the risky procedure without first doing some research on the clinic.

She underwent surgery in Thailand’s southern city of Hat Yai at an unidentified clinic offering cheap rhinoplasty.

Believe it or not, he managed to keep that promise.

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Only that’s exactly how his family reacted when he walked through the door on December 17, touching him to make sure he was real.

He later found out that to them he had been dead for 7 months.

He was so angry and upset about the breakup that opening the present was the last thing on his mind.

He simply threw it under the Christmas tree and when it remained the only unopened present on Christmas day, he told his family that he was never going to open it.

The procedure involved inserting a silicone implant, similar to those used in breast enhancement surgery, into her nose with the intention of creating a more pronounced look.

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