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He added another quick whack to the back of her head, but by then she had already begun to fall.

And then it shouted FUCK YES when the bitch emerged; he went with it, swinging the bat over his head and smacking her right in the head.

Her thick blonde hair jumped, and for a moment Ricky thought she would spin around, whip out a gun from somewhere and blow him away.

He had one advantage: because of his ruined reputation, Officer Jones would never see him coming. He wore gloves, too, because he wasn't stupid enough to leave his fingerprints all over her apartment, and also because his hands were sweating so much that he might lose his grip on the weapon. If there was something he was a good at, it was shit like B and E.

Nobody thought Ricky would have it in him to stalk a cop to her own crib, let alone actually fuck her up. Luckily, the building wasn't very big, and the names of the tenants, including their unit numbers, were printed conveniently on their mailboxes inside the front door.

He got so hard up that he even tried to rape one of them, but being not that big of a guy, she fought him off and laughed at him when she managed to kick him in the balls, crumpling him to the ground. It took him at least a month to work up the nerve to go through with his plan, though, and another before he found out where Officer Jones lived.

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