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It is pure gold and the gems are quite valuable." She was playing with a pendant hanging on a chain around her, long, soft and sexy neck. I wanted my hand to help her with the boobs, I mean, pendant. Not even my mother who so definitely was sexy and alluring. I turned my attention back to the hot woman...ring, I mean. I had never thought of a woman my Mom's age this way before.

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Mom lifted her face up to me, pulling my face into hers, and kissed me. Quite frankly, I had never been kissed with this amount of ardour before, certainly not by my mother.

This was most definitely not the kiss of a mother to her son. Our lips mashed together, Mom darted the tip of her tongue between my lips.

Her butt was small enough that one of my big hands was sufficient to encompass most of her ass.

That left me one hand free to explore my mother's chest.

When we broke our kissing for a moment, in order to catch our breath, I told the shopkeeper I had reached a decision. She responded by sliding down my body, pulling down my pants, and beginning to stroke my cock while licking my balls. Says her name is Madame Maria." Shrugging, I took the phone from her. I heard Mom clopping on the floor from the direction of her bedroom. The satin areas drew my attention to the lacey areas and her nipples which were trying to poke their way through the lace. Madame Maria was supposed to be here within the hour after our phone call. I didn't want to distract myself from the maternal sex goddess now straddling my legs. Any other sexual activities I had enjoyed were just making out and some petting.

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