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The camp was initially a home-grown family-oriented operation: instead of traditional camp counselors, older boys and girls looked out for the younger ones.The children’s mothers would come and cook for the campers. Schlueter retired in 1945, he sold his farm to Trinity Church, to ensure that his summer camp would be continued as an Episcopal ministry.

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From the remains of fortified towers to elegant churches and early Christian crosses, we have scoured the land to bring you the finest Anglo-Saxon sites in Britain.

Most of these remains are in England, although a few can be found on the Welsh and Scottish borders, and all of the sites date from between 550 AD to 1055 AD.

Buoyed by the success, sometimes even young working women and young mothers were taken as well.

A break from the stifling heat and disease were truly a boon to those who went to the Seaside Home, as many lived in cramped housing in lower Manhattan where disease spread easily.

Specifically, it was designed to protect the ancient Icknield Way which was a key line of communication and transport at the time.

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