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You can choose the particular elements of the Service that You want to participate in by following the recorded prompts made to you during the course of Your call to the Service.Your use of the Service is charged at sixty pence per minute for 0909 220 numbers, it is charged at seventy five pence per minute for 0982 790 numbers, it is charged at it is charged at one pound per minute 0909 5 660 numbers, it is charged at one pound fifty per minute for 0908 121 numbers, national or local rate from a BT landline all other networks may vary.Your use of the Service You must be 18 years of age or over to use the Service.

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- How do I stop receiving text messages or cancel using this service?

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TEXT sex CHAT QUESTIONS: - How do I start a text chat conversation? - Which networks does this text chat service work on?

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