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Austin Snyder of Line Mountain High School in Northumberland County won the drawing.If you fear for your immediate safety, call 9-1-1 or your local police.

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Teen dating violence is a pattern of actions or threats of physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse by a teen (between the ages of 13 and 18) against a current or former dating partner.

Any of these and more can be part of teen dating violence: Abusive teens use these kinds of behavior to keep power and control over a dating partner.

In the 1970s, a young girl was murdered in Norristown, PA.

This gruesome story was the inspiration to Seabold’s novel. Her novel The Lovely Bones is about a 14 year old girl named Susie Salmon who was brutally raped and murdered in Norristown, PA. On her way home from school, Susie takes a shortcut through the cornfield. Harvey, a man she recognizes from her neighborhood but doesn’t quite know, is standing in the cornfield. Most of this story takes place in Susie’s own personal heaven.

There are even online tools to help teens get started.

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