Tall girls intimidating to guys

At first all titles to females were held by fathers, husbands and court appointed guardians; but soon a lively new market developed as females proved to be a hot salable commodity for meat, sex, cheap labor and breeding. For one horrible, silent moment there was no movement, then his paddle came down. The old practice of monogamy quickly gave way to the even older and more practical concept of polygamy, but without the encumbrance of marriage. There was no way he could make a profit if the meat cost him twelve thousand. This morning I took my monthly invoice of the household. We've got a specimen here who's beautiful and sexy enough for the movies.

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In a world where normal meat sources have been wiped out, where can more be found? In Robin's precarious world a girl's value is in her beauty, fertility and meat. We cannot afford to become squeamish, sentimental or fuzzy-minded on this issue. Who in his right mind would turn over his weapon to the very animal he's about to harvest for meat? Allowing females any power at all, at any level of authority, opens the door to the collapse of our most important food source. Worse, if females ever gain the power to control their own destiny, there will be no turning back to the sanity and prosperity we enjoy today. Trent Hamilton's appointment to the President's Advisory Council is absolutely critical! Frankly, Jason, it occurs to me that the reason for your waffling is that you've always been muzzy on history, on why things came to be the way they are. When Dead Embryo Disease hit us, it hit fast and it hit all animal species. In fact, when he came to pick up the two girls, I asked him straight out if he'd set the whole thing up with Andy Hartwig. In fact, since Robin has been in charge of diet and exercise for the females in my household, there's been a marked improvement in their body shapes, muscle tone and the quality of their meat. She's already undone my belt and her fingers are well on their way to discovering the success of her strategy.

If we slip backwards into the dangerously out-of-date thinking of the pre-DED past, we invite disaster. We must not under any circumstances allow those pussy-pampering, liberal asses on the left to seduce the President into bringing that fool Marcus into the Council. No one knows exactly where it originated, but within a year it had spread to humans. You sold him Snowflake for just two thousand dollars? He just laughed and said, You'll never know, will you? She convinced me to add fifteen new bargain brides to my pride and brought in top studs to impregnate them, so now I've got a rapidly expanding new crop of calves which she promises will be worth a fortune at my retirement. She's whispering in my ear, calling me her sweet, handsome Master and begging me to punish her for her impertinence so she can prove how much she loves me.

He didn't do this with his father's money, you understand; he was already building his own fortune at the helm of the family firm: Techno Genetics.

I could go on and on about Trent and his accomplishments, but the best way to get a handle on the man is to take a peek into his personal, private thoughts.

The others should bring in decent bids at auction from the meat packers (in spite of the current downward fluctuation in prices), and I think a dozen or so may be snapped up as bargain brides by the blue collar guys, or as whole roasters by the caterers.

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