Stefan sagmeister and jessica walsh dating

Jessica: My business partner, Stefan Sagmeister, has been exploring the theme of happiness through his documentary film, The Happy Film.

I've always admired the human and self-exploration aspect of this work.

love of love), New York-based designer friends Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh embarked on a now-infamous experiment: they dated each other for 40 days and recorded their experiences for the whole Internet to see. ), but because it was illustrated with bold typographic artwork by Walsh, one-half of design studio Sagmeister & Walsh, and Goodman, who runs his own T. It’s also being turned into a movie by Warner Bros., to be directed by Michael Sucsy (, has just been published by Abrams. Design caught up with Walsh and Goodman about design as therapy, risk-taking in both work and love, and their hard-won dating wisdom.

Their journey turned into a viral blog that has drawn over 10 million unique visitors since its launch–not just because it was an engrossing romantic dramedy (couples therapy! How has your approach to love, dating, and relationships changed since the experiment?

I’ve always leaned toward creating work with a personal angle that evoked emotion–even in our client work, I wanted to make someone laugh or think or feel. I’m more interested in sharing my experiences through design and doing emotional work.

This project took it to a whole new personal level–mashing design with our personal lives. Now, we’re working together on another large social experiment similar to 40 Days.

And tell us how the site is designed and how the new material is going to be rolled out. Some of the early reports have some great details such as Jessica not checking her texts, a trait that also drives me crazy. This seems like a risky proposition in so many ways. Tim: It's always been very important that I bring my own voice and sensibilities into my work.

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