Ssexchat robot

A Westworld inspired porn featuring Nova Patra as the most realistic sex droid in the entire park.

Nova is one of the most popular Hosts in Westworld, her guests love to have sex with her but lately they have been complaining that she is too much of a submissive prude and doesn't allow anal sex to them.

The sophisticated sex toys are also fitted with electronic and vibrating genitals to satisfy customers.

A blurb on one £359 doll promises: “Dedicated Bluetooth headset, fast inflatable pump, genital cleaners.“Solid chest, real feel, cherry-style mouth, oral sex experience to make you more comfortable.” Firms across the world are already creating convincing dolls that can be made to look like Hollywood stars.

See what happens when Goddess Lexi catches me and decides to tie me up and punish me for being such a bad girl.

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