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Each year the City of Hillsboro receives many requests from citizens seeking assistance to address neighborhood traffic concerns.

Often the focus of these concerns is vehicle speeds.

Electronic Speed Display Sign The Hillsboro Police Department has recently purchased a few electronic speed display units for use as another tool to enhance traffic calming efforts.

If you do not agree with the City Engineer’s recommendation you may choose to take your concerns to the City’s Transportation Committee for discussion and/or further action.

Engineering staff will assist in making sure your item is placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled Transportation Committee meeting.

Solutions may involve any number of tools including: If you have a neighborhood traffic safety concern that involves speeding, the City asks that you participate in one or more of the Education/Enforcement Programs through the Hillsboro Police Department before continuing further.

If you have participated in one or more of the programs and your concerns have not eased, please send your concerns and requests in writing to the Public Works Department, Engineering Division, 150 E Main Street. Please include the following information in your letter to assist us: Who Decides?

Through the program, citizens check out a radar unit from the Police Department.

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