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A must try is thehomemade pork sausages that are cooked with herbs like paprika gives each wholesome bite a fragrant and mildly spicy zesty kick that is undeniably delicious.

Very meaty with heavy porkiness and is definitely recommended for meat lovers.

Al Forno East Coast was set up in 1995, and was purportedly the first Italian restaurant to start importing fresh ingredients like tomatoes and cheese directly from Italy.

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Chef specials are also often available, presenting new dishes not in the menu like the weekend special – Lobster Linguine.

Rsitorante Pietrasanta is family business run by 2 Italian brothers, inspired by the quaint simplicity of the town of Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Italy.

translates to ‘Cheese and Pepper’ from Italian, which are two ingredients that typically go well together.

Hidden away in the quiet suburban bukit batok area, Cacio e Pepe strives to create a relaxed yet authentic Italian dining experience.

Is it the authenticity, or is it simply how good you felt while dining there?

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