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Woome says this is supposed to be a "live interactive experience where users play for fun, to hook up, or just meet new people around shared interests."Upon initial inspection here's what we think: 1.The male to female ratio is great for straight women (Read: too many guys).2.

Narrowing down the selection geographically was very limited (we searched near NY twice in the past two days.

Our best results were yesterday, 3 guys and possibly 1 girl ("her" avatar was a banana).

Woo Me, backed by original Skype backer Mangrove Capital Partners, allows members to create short group-video-chat sessions.

Speed Date, based in San Mateo, California, files a seemingly endless line of daters through your virtual door for three-minute "video dates" supplemented with a text client.

Facebook has definitely become the most sought after destination of third party developers and even full-featured web services.

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