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C., Romulus and his twin brother, Remus, found Rome on the site where they were suckled by a she-wolf as orphaned infants.

Actually, the Romulus and Remus myth originated sometime in the fourth century B. On this day in 1777, British troops under the command of General William Tryon attack the town of Danbury, Connecticut, and begin destroying everything in sight.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency report a “most ominous” development: a regiment of the People’s Army of Vietnam–the regular army of North Vietnam–division is now operating with the Viet Cong in South Vietnam.

Prior to this, it was believed that South Vietnam was dealing with an internal...

Rosie Ruiz, age 26, finishes first in the women’s division of the Boston Marathon with a time of on April 21, 1980.

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