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Next we will show you how to change the default IP address in different cases. For example: In company A, the IP address of the gateway is

The IP address of the user”s PC (PC A) is, subnet mask:, gateway:

Please click this button to reboot the server in order to apply the changes.

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Default user name: admin Default password: password Note: if you fail to reach My PBX login page with please check if the indicator light is green.

If not, please check the connection between the cable and the LAN port.

Step 3: enter the user name and password when the login page appears.

Step 4: after login, please select the “System” - “LAN Settings”. Figure 1-6 Step 5: change the IP address to on the LAN Settings page and click “Save” to save the changes (see Figure 1-7).

Please follow the steps to change the IP address: Step 1: Connect the LAN port of My PBX to the Internet service via a cable and then power on My PBX. In the popup window, enter an IP address with a same segment with My PBX server (e.g., but please note that this IP address shall not conflict with the IP address on the existing network), see Figure 1-3.

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