Sexchat bot that acctually talks

You might be right that for some chatbots this is not relevant, but for others it is.

Think about what we do with Toni: For example the user might ask “”, but if it’s really 9 pm depends on the user’s timezone, if he is not in Spain but in the UK for example, it would be 10 pm instead.

Bot development is not as new as some might think, bots have been around for a lot of years.

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Luckily parsing and understanding dates is handled by or other services like LUIS (Microsoft), API.

AI (Google), Watson (IBM) or Cloud Natural Language API (Google).

But have you thought about supporting more than one language and expanding your potential audience?

There are some things that need to be considered, not just the language but also different timezones for example.

With Toni we are going the second route — it was a deliberate decision: It’s one bot that currently supports all the big European football leagues.

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