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i am not saying that he was telling the truth but he was a great guy.if his story is true, hanson and his "companions" should be in jail. its a shame you dont know what to beleive anymore even when it comes to a #$%% deer.

Would be interesting to know for sure one way or the other.

Wasn't he actually sued by someone, even the record holder at that time, to prevent him from saying it was the world record?

But it was shot with a compound high letoff bow and not Trad! Most of us couldn't "hold it together" if a buck of that quality came in front of us! Kodiak--I`m a taxidermist and trust me I have seen some of the best fake/reproduction antlers you can find...trust me you could not tell the difference except for the skull plate is bondo...wouldn`t take much to remove the antlers off another deer and replace them with another set--taxidermist do it all the time just not on a dead deer.use replacement capes.how do ya getthe other antlers off a deer then put the other ones on..simple---a "T" incision--and a chisle.it back up---perty simple deal If he sold it you'd think the folks that bought it would have it verified. I think I could pull this off in probably 15 to 20 minutes but will calculate my time just for the heck of it...i may get bloody on this one...:) cazador, I would agree with your statement, however neither of our statements has happened.

It just seems fishy that there was so much hype about it being a new world record then it just disappeared and no one is hyping it either way.

Lots more things, nothing adds up, so for now Mel Johnson & Milo Hansen hold the records..... As far as droopy ears go the Rompla buck defies anatomy.

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