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"I'm like a little baby left at a doorstep, needing a woman to take care of me," he says--grinning because, in a way, he relishes the drama of his plight. Since he separated from his strong-willed, 53-year-old French girlfriend, Frederique Darragon, in March, Turner has been dating up a storm. Off the staircase, in a sitting room, hangs a life-sized portrait of Scarlett O'Hara. It's the one that was in the movie--the one that Rhett struck, shattering his whiskey glass, as Scarlett rejected his advances.

Says Jane Fonda, who divorced him two years ago but remains one of the most important women in his life: "Ted is in a major transition at every level. He bounds down the staircase in his old sailing boots, stops just above the landing, and says, "So, what do you think of this place? "I bought this painting for ,000," Turner says, putting his index finger on the stain on Scarlett's dress.

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He is 64 years old, though he tells people that he is 65 (he will be in November).

While active and fit, he's worried about his health.

Turner believed that his money made him a kind of one-man world-rescue operation.

"All I was doing with my multiple billions was giving them away," he moans.

He acquired his shares in 1996 when he sold Turner Broadcasting--CNN, TNT, the TBS Superstation, Turner Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, and several sports teams, including the Atlanta Braves--to Time Warner.

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