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Arrest and conviction Eventually, some of the gang members were arrested and John True agreed to become a state witness in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

In court, True testified against Graham, who continually protested her innocence.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995, Name: Barbara E Ford, Birth Date: , Gender: Female, Mother's Maiden Name: Ford, Birth County: Alameda When Barbara was two, her mother, who was a teenager, was sent to reform school.

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The inmate, however, was working in league with an undercover policeman in order to reduce her own vehicular manslaughter sentence.

The officer offered to pose as the "boyfriend" Graham was with the night of the murder, if she admitted to him she was actually at the scene of the crime. This attempt to suborn perjury as well as the confession she was at the scene, destroyed Graham's credibility in court.

As a teenager, she was arrested for vagrancy and sentenced to serve time at Ventura State School for Girls, the same reform school where her mother had been.

Released from reform school in 1939, Barbara tried to make a new start for herself.

She served five years for perjury as an alibi witness for two petty criminals, and served her sentence at the California Department of Corrections Women's State Prison at Tehachapi.

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