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Brady Danielson had 20 points and Nebraska football commit Garrett Snodgrass had nine of his 13 after the third quarter as Class B No. 2 Platteview 57-52 in the Dukes’ holiday tournament.

Three linemen, two superstar skill talents and one top national prospect who can live in the line and skill universes — not to mention throwing a shot put a half-mile.

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Over the last two years, a scandal involving both has engulfed Orange County, California, exposing systemic violation of defendants’ constitutional rights and calling into question the legality of the prosecution of a number of violent felony cases. In 1982, in Newport News, VA, a young man in a sailor's uniform broke into a local home, beat a man to death, then spent hours raping his wife while their three small children slept in the next room.

What makes the Orange County situation particularly troubling is its eerie similarity to another such scandal that unfolded just miles to the north, in Los Angeles County, starting in the late 1970s, and culminated in an exhaustive grand jury report that detailed widespread misuse and abuse of criminal informants and revealed questionable prosecutorial tactics, potentially in more than 200 cases. Keith Harward was convicted based on bite mark evidence sworn to by two dentists, and his identification by a security guard who police had hypnotized first.

After all the ballots were cast, it was clear who the winners were in the voting for the 24th World-Herald All-Nebraska softball team.

In this hectic election season, it was refreshing to endure limited lobbying and primarily positive comments from coaches about players as this campaign wrap…

Criminal defense attorneys who were never prosecutors themselves often assume that prosecutorial misconduct is rife because prosecution attracts authoritarian personality types.

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