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The show is known for its production qualities including original music, a large lighting rig and pyrotechnic effects.The first act contains lots of small illusions, lots of talking, and leaves the audience wanting more.

They do the usual stuff--saw a lovely lady in half, conjure up information, do card tricks, use audience members as willing subjects, and tell stories and jokes to entertain.“Champions of Magic” appeared for the first time in October, 2013, and has since completed 5 UK tours and an extended run in London. The show has been seen by over 250,000 people and received generally positive reviews.

The production features mostly original magic that was created or devised by the performers and production designers.

Say the words “magician” or “illusionist” and the names usually conjured are David Copperfield, Harry Houdini, Uri Geller, Doug Henning, David Blaine, and The Amazing Johnathan.

These are entertainers noted for tricks and actions shrouded in secrecy and mystery.

(D) "Court" means the probate courts of this state, and when the context requires, means the court of any other state empowered to grant petitions for adoption.

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