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A recent survey of 2,000 married couples by Seddons solicitors revealed that 59 per cent of wives would divorce immediately if their economic security were assured.

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When Tony was prime minister, he and Cherie were together a lot because they lived and worked under the same roof.

Today, however, they are both readjusting to their new roles, which a friend admits, ‘has put pressure on them.

‘It’s been a gradual slip over the past four or five years, rather than any great rift, and neither of us has the will to do anything about it.‘All our focus goes into our jobs, the kids or working on our house, which we’re doing up.

We socialise separately and we’ve lost any emotional connection; we used to at least have sex on birthdays and special occasions, but even that’s tailed off.

But most people just drift along not paying attention to what’s happening and suddenly realise one day that the only thing they share are the bills.‘Couples in this position often yearn at some level to break free and find someone new, but they stay for two reasons: fear and greed.

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