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And she’s hardly reassured when she finds Lockie’s last message carved into the floor: ‘Cameron is a killer.’ In the village, Cameron’s plunged into an even worse mood by Leela telling him she wants to postpone their wedding until after she’s had the baby.Storming back to the shack, Cam confronts Celine about her plan to dob him in, but as she tries to convince him that she’ll keep her mouth shut, Cam refuses to believe her and poor Jesse is put in horrible danger.On the early cars, Porsche also used a center bolt to secure the IMS bearing that was too weak and sometimes snapped.

And after angrily pushing past the cop, Cameron finds himself being arrested for assaulting a police officer.

As Celine remains trapped in the shack, Cleo is concerned to hear from Porsche that their sister never arrived at the airport, and she teams up with Tegan to track down the missing nurse.

While some of the RMS problems were probably actually intermediate shaft cover leaks (see next section), there were definitely some problems with the seals on the early cars.

For the most part this was a "cosmetic" issue, as the leaks did not tend to affect performance, unless they became so severe that they began to affect the proper operation of the clutch.

When the bearing wears out, the timing chains on the engine may disengage, and the engine will quickly self-destruct.

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